Prestige “REVEAL THE RAVAGE” (review)

Excellent return to that of the Finns Prestige. Band born in the second half of the 1980s, had managed to get noticed with three albums: ‘Attack Against Gnomes’ from 1989, ‘Selling The Salvation’ from 1990 and the last ‘Parasites in Paradise’ from 1992.
Il periodo era però quello sbagliato: per quanto il combo avesse da dire, esprimendo un buon Thrash posto ad appena un metro dal Crossover, con dentro una qual certa personalità distintiva, erano in pochi che, all’epoca, avevano voglia di ascoltare. The decade of the 90s was a scourge for many, even for much more famous groups, let alone for those who were little more than a rookie and had to do shoulder inside a national scene where other genres predominated.

I Prestige they resisted fighting with their fists and teeth, demonstrating good cohesion, running together and trying to grow without changing their irosa attitude but, in the end, they had to give up their weapons, melting in 1992.

We have to wait until 2007 to hear about them again through the collection. ‘Decades of Decay”, but it is only at the end of 2020 that their definitive return is confirmed with the release of three singles, to anticipate the new album:”Reveal The Ravege’, available from August 13, 2021 through Massacre Records.

It is undoubtedly a good hit: i Prestige, che hanno subito la sola sostituzione del batterista Tero Karppinen con Matti Johansson nel 2019, dichiarano di avere una chiara e tangibile voglia di rinascere, di riprendere dal punto in cui si sono fermati. It is not just four friends who have resumed playing as a hobby after setting up children and family, there is no nostalgia and it is not an attempt to escape daily boredom.

The band wants to continue its history without giving up its roots, but at the same time evolving, transforming youthful ferocity into the most aware anger of those who grew up seeing many things that don’t fit.

The album features a hot and daring Thrash ‘N’ Roll, with references to the Crossover of the past, albeit to a lesser extent, and full of that rebellious Hardcore that makes everything irreverent and overbearing.

Songwriting is rich and intriguing: musicians know what they are doing and they are doing great, but on the other hand if in Finland universities organize Heavy Metal courses something will mean …

There is a lot of breathtaking speed, a surgical guitar work and many anthemic choirs; the Accept teach: i Prestige they make good use of them by transforming them into another of their distinctive features, giving the feeling that a marching crowd is singing them.

‘Reveal The RavageIt is made up of ten pieces, most of which are high quality: a Thrash doc, as I like to say every now and then, that the more you listen to it the more you like it.

Excellent start, with a ‘Innocent’And a subsequent one.’Burn My EyesOut of measure. Beyond the lines also ‘Pick Your Poison ‘with its oriental references, the fierce’ You Weep ‘and the powerful ‘Self Destruct ‘.

‘Blessed Be’,’In Remains’And’ReadyThey are hyperkinetic but tend a little to the ‘sfuriatone’ end in itself, a sign that there is still something to be developed, but it is more than good: they are weapons that, used on the stages, will make several wounded (falling from the chairs on which, lately, they want to force us to stay seated).

Closes the excellent ‘Prime Time’, which, in the writer’s opinion, sends a signal: in the next disk i Prestige will tend towards i Nuclear Assault and i Muncipale Waste or will go to i Metallica The answer will come with time? For now let’s enjoy this ‘Reveal The Ravage’. Gran bel ritorno Prestige, go on like this!

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